Yesterday, I talked with someone about the different possibilities of the end of  The Jacket.
Normally, there is only one ( or two it depends ) but you can also
consider it in another way (even if we're not sure of that theory). It
was pretty interesting, and makes me realize even more how much I like
this movie, but indeed, it is not a secret anymore :p

Otherwise, I saw Dr T. and women.
It is a really mad movie, with a lot of clichés and we don't know how
Dr T. can live like that ! And for this point, the movie is well done.
I laughed a lot at the end with the hurricane thing… and was very
surprised when a nino borned, 'cause I found it beautiful. For the first
time, I was really focused on the happiness of that child coming to the
world more that the poor woman who are sufferring to make him born.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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