First of all, I have to say that Veronica Mars rocks ! I washed the half of the 1st season and I really like it ! Otherwise, I saw Crash. This movie is pretty good. It is a reflexion on the nature of people. We follow different characters, and they cross the life of the others, one way or another… And we see that nobody is all black or white… all nice or bad… And there's also a criticism of racism… We can see that the bad can be very human in some situations, for his family for exemple… that we don't know all about him… And that even good people, who seem perfect, can make big mistakes… And all this is treated in different fields : love, family, work, gun affairs… It also shows how the simple sentence of somebody, that we know or not, could have consequenses on our own life… The ending makes me think of the end of a show, with music and a turn to each character to see how it lasts. It is definitively a really good reflect of life. By the way, this movie makes me think of something which happened in the tramway the other day. A chinese woman ( well she was probably not, but at least had some origins ) was sitting with her luggage and as it took too much place to allow somebody else to sit next to her, some people ( and not only one ! ) insulted her… That might be some maneers in her country but not here ! I was really suprised 'cause that has nothing to do with origins, I would have done totally the same thing and nobody would have insulted me the same way they did to her… Or maybe they would have found something else… So rude !

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