and don't look back !

Sometimes we feel moody, like in the movie Lost in Translation,
lost and fed up with everything and the moment after, we feel relieved
and back to life again. That is why I like this movie so much because
it reflects the moments where we have the impression to be alone and
that finally everyone lives…

Sometimes great things could happen, meet a friend suddenly in the
street or a new person and that will totally make your day. Sometimes,
we remember those moments from weeks to weeks, and see how things
change… Realize how all these moments are unique and that we have to
take all of them. We can feel nostalgic, but finally
other great things happen again just to make us believe in Life.
Usually we do a point of changing things only on special events like
birthdays, christmas and so on… because we wonder where we were the
last few years for the same events. But changes arrive everyday…

So here we are again, just to know the following of the story…

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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