The thing that I don't like with winter is that it is night all the time !

I've read in a newspaper that WWF had made a study : on 3 generations of people, their blood contain toxic products… Products that can be in a lot of things we use every day… So they'll have to make more studies to determine exactly what can be toxic… But the companies which made those things aren't so happy about it, cause money is money I guess. So, here is how I see the future of our planet, without talking of wars and The day after Tomorrow, I just see a green planet, full of money, of bills without any life on it… ( I said green, because the first money which came to my mind is the dollar, but if you take bills from Switzerland it would be more colorfull and shiny :) )

I've seen the Season premiere of Alias today (5th season). It was much more better than what I expected even if Alias is not what it used to be.

**spoiler 501**
Sydney and Vaughn dance on « Once upon a dream » during a mission. Vaughn said he have practised dance for their wedding. Finally, Vaughn is not here anymore… and I thought, the song was appropriate 'cause they will never dance to their wedding… It was finally just a dream…
**end of spoiler 501**

People have dreams and could be disappointed when those aren't realized, for a lot of different reasons… But it is in the nature of human being to believe in something. It is what maintains him in life… We are nothing if we just live without a goal to accomplish. All those dreams is part of our universe. Some people won't understand it, but we don't have to listen to them 'cause others do and that is what matters.

And moreover, I do believe that some things will never change… well, at least for a few years, so let's enjoy them now!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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