Isn't it ironic that my computer couldn't start anymore the day after I've seen Fight Club. The thing to know is that my computer is as important for me than IKEA furniture for the narrator of the movie… Well, I kept calm 'cause I knew someday it would happen and a friend helped me to fix it :) Well, I have to admit that Fight Club is a really good movie. A criticism of consuming society and I liked it. Try to give a reason of why we live and for what… And of course the surprise to discover who Tyler Durden is in reality :) Well, I really enjoyed it and particularly the moment where they threatened an asian guy who worked in a grocery store, in order to make him continue his studies to become a vet. Of course it was pretty rude to do that, but what kind of guys would care so much for another guy they didn't know. I find that so touching… Some quotes of the movie :  » You are not your job. You are not how much you have in the bank. You are not the content of your wallet. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. The things you own end up knowing you. Seft-improvement is masturbation. Seft-destruction might be the answer. In Tyler we trusted » Well, I've have to see it again :) I was finally able to see the music video of one of my favorite song of Greenday since they choose it as a single :) I was pretty happy of that choice. Wake me up when september ends. Well that's a pretty nice video :) And I couldn't have seen it otherwise. Story of two teenagers loving each other and who would be separated… And the music goes along well with all that… I also finally see the famous movie Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. What I kept in mind after seeing it, it's that it's tiny things which make people happy everyday, and that is soooo true, well for me at least lol. *Kaylee inside, the fans of the show Firefly would understand* Receiving a letter, a phone call, walking in a place you like, seeing a rainbow… Those kind of tiny things which could make your day :) And that other people could contribute to happiness of other people, just by doing tiny things, but that can be big for others :) And of course, I liked the story of Amélie and her future boyfriend, that was soooo cute ! And I really wanted them to be together ! I was screaming « Go Amélie goooooo » lol :) I really fell in love with Mathieu Kassovitz after that movie. He was the actor playing the boyfriend of Amélie. A quote of another french movie Jeux d'enfants that I liked. Guy : « Do you believe in love at first sight ? » Girl : « Yeah, of course. » Guy : « You're so naiiiiiive. » To finish, pretty long update today ! I've seen Match Point. The last movie of Woody Allen with the so beautiful Scarlett Johanson *thud* Well I liked it. Story of a simple guy who have some luck by meeting a rich girl, but he is more interested in another girl and begins to be unfaithful. Classic story and we can understand everybody – except the wife who is so annoying about wanting to be pregnant lol. But afterwards, he is being so lost that he will do the worst ! That was a surprise, and if you've liked the character before, it is surprising if you still like him after that… And we are not surprised that he is being haunted, and not happy afterall… But eventhought it is kind of punishment, it'd be great if the truth was revealed… But it is all a question of luck sometimes in life :)

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