I’ve seen Serendipity again. In my memories, it was better than it was in reality. I like the word « Serendipity » either. It could have been a good movie, but too much scenes were cut and… Well the story is a good idea but the movie were not so well done I think. But again a movie which shows there might be « signs » but it is our way of thinking which is modified when we focus on somebody… This week end it was Halloween but also on the 1st a way to remember dead people… I went to the cimetary on this « special » day for the first time of my life , and I never saw it so crowded, it was like a party. It was so weird, because usually when you go in a place like this it is peacefull and you can be alone to think… I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And I have to admit I was surprised 'cause it was really good and I really liked it ! And I could see that a lot of movies or shows of today still take ideas in this movie. For example Men In Black with the sunglasses… and also The 4400 people who disappear on different periods on time, and be back on the same day without getting old.

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